Top Ten Fascinating Things That Fascinate Me

Unfortunately it’s another list; and a long one at that.  So basically I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to read it. 

1.) The Voynich Manuscript- I spent over a week researching the crap out of this thing and never really learned anything more than a description of what it looks like.  It’s apparently a medieval manuscript written by an unknown author from Europe.  There’s 234 highly illustrated pages and is written in an unknown script.  What makes it so fascinating is that it is widely considered to be a scientific work with pictures of plants and astronomical patterns that don’t exist.

 Attached to the manuscript is a letter from Johannes Marcus Marci of Kronland, offering the codex for translation…in 1666!  Even then they had no idea what the origin of, or who the author of the book was.  Several theories are out there including (of course) being written by aliens, to it being a huge hoax concocted by the “most recent” owner for which the manuscript is now named. You can come to your own conclusions by visiting its home website here.


2.) Kim Jong Il- This crazy son of a bitch should be number one because he’s so freaking insane, however, due to his habit of, you know, murdering people, I won’t allow him to be the number one anything.  This guy is hands down the most fascinating cult of personality I’ve ever read about for an infinite number of reasons.  I could write several posts on just this one guy.  While his people starve to death because of famine, he makes matters worse by stealing any money other countries send to help the poor citizens of this broken nation.  He lavishes himself with luxuries like Hennessey Cognac, designer clothes and a DVD collection of 20000 movies.  As a matter of fact, Mr. Kim kidnapped a prominent South Korean film director and made him film a Godzilla propaganda rip-off…after imprisoning him for a lengthy amount of time.  Who does that?!

 Adding to his list of crazy, he maintains a functioning but uninhabited city for the sole purpose of showing off his “beautiful” cities to the South Koreans.  He also claims to be the best natural golfer in history and that he invented the hamburger in order to save his people from starving.  You can’t make up that kind of crazy.


3.) Alien Conspiracies- There is a formula for the probability of alien life in the Milky Way galaxy called ‘The Drake Equation’, which theorizes as many as 1 million alien civilizations could exist.  The argument to this belief is known as the ‘Fermi Paradox’, which basically asks the question: If there are so many alien civilizations, why haven’t we seen proof?

 Whatever your beliefs, there is no shortage of conspiracy theories involving alien cover-ups by ours and many other governments.  From them running the US to the little green men controlling our entire planet, there is no shortage of, or theory to wild for someone to believe.  There’s even a school of thought that promotes the ‘Seed of Life’ idea which hypothesizes humans all together are a result of an alien seeding program millions of years ago that “planted” our race.

 There are so many fascinating “proofs” of alien life on the internet that it probably ranks second only to porn in websites and poorly shot video.  My personal belief is that in the infinite vastness of space, it would be just a little small minded to believe there wasn’t even a freaking amoeba floating around somewhere out there.


4.) Unit 731- This is a bit of a darker subject and not the “ha ha” insane funny of Kim Jong Il.  It’s more the ‘holy shit, people did that to other humans(?)’ kind of insane.

 Unit 731 was a secret Japanese WWII biological and chemical warfare research center, who tested on humans instead of animals.  I’m not saying animal testing is right or wrong but holy hell, you have to admit human testing of this magnitude was a bit extreme even for the 1940’s (although I’m sure members of PETA would disagree). 

 It’s estimated that as many as 580,000 people were killed by these experiments, and as many as 200,000 Chinese military and civilian lives were killed as a result of the weapons produced.  Various experiments included vivisection for a wide array of reasons, weapons testing, germ warfare, and “scientific” studies like the ones shown here.

 I guess no government is immune from committing atrocities in the name of science…including our own.  There’s scientific research, and there’s murder; Unit 731 falls under the latter.


5.) Nazi Experimentation- Most people are much more aware of the Nazi’s human experimentation as it was not swept under the rug like the Japanese Unit 731.  Dr. Mengele, aka Angel of Death, was the most famous of the scientists in the 3rd Reich; known for his work on twins, dwarfs and other “unique” specimens.  He was cruel with his victims, stripping them of clothes, family, dignity and ultimately their lives.  His and other top officials of Hitler’s regime, main goal were the purification and strengthening of the Aryan race. 

 My fascination with events such as these and Unit 731 aren’t morbid curiosity, but rather the psychological mindset that allow otherwise normal people to commit such atrocities in the name of science and/or country.  It usually begins with one man who might be an actual sociopath, but through a combination of brainwashing, intimidation and following orders, others are brought into this man’s depraved world; that’s why things like experimentation with genetics, disease, interrogations, pharmacological, sterilization and surgery happen on a huge scale. One man can create a world of hell for millions.


6.) Psychology- This is kind of an all encompassing topic for me.  One could lump many of my ‘fascinating’ subjects into some area of study of psychology.  The way the human brain works is completely amazing in how flesh and blood and tissue can function much like, and sometimes better than, a computer.  Yet one glitch, one virus or one hard hit can completely change that functionality.  Sometimes we’re even programmed wrong from the very beginning.  Anything from fear of the dark, to becoming a serial killer all have their roots in the make-up of the brain.

 What especially fascinates me, are those with schizophrenia; the true catch-all for the bat-shit crazy…voices and hallucinations.  The art some of these men and women create are true masterpieces, more so than the likes of today’s commercial artists.  I always felt most good authors and artists had a bit of crazy in them, but walked a fine line between painting ‘Starry Nights’ and killing a hundred and twenty people so they could bathe in the blood of their victims youth. 


7.) Space- The one concept of space that gets me more than any discovery of planet or star ever could, is the infinite size of it all.  Every time I think I’m close to understanding the ramifications of just exactly what infinite space means, my head starts pulsing, preparing to explode.  It’s like trying to divide by zero; it can’t be done.

 There are so many questions I want answered: how can something be infinite?  What’s beyond infinity?  If it’s not infinite, what’s on the other side?  What’s holding space up? If there was nothing before the big bang, how is there something now?  If there WAS something before the big bang, how did it get there?  And on and on ad infinitum. 

 My head hurts now.


8.) Serial Killers- I don’t find them fascinating because I think what they do is “cool”; I find them fascinating because it involves a combination of things that I find to be psychologically stimulating much like the Nazi’s and Unit 731 from earlier in the list.  The psychology behind these deeds is absolutely mind blowing.  Gacy, Dahmer, Bundy…all of these men had cravings that could not be satiated through what is considered normal interaction and behavior with other humans.  Rarely do we see serial killers who simply kill because they enjoy taking a life.  Usually there’s another motive and death is just a means to the end; tying up loose ends.  Be it sexual gratification or other, death isn’t usually the primary goal of the killer.  What I find particularly fascinating are the killers who see it as a sort of game and leave behind clues as to who they are and why they commit these crimes.  Those are some truly twisted individuals who are much scarier than your run-of-the-mill gang banger, and I so badly want to get into their head.


9.) Religion- There’s no negative connotation to this fascination as most of you might think because of earlier posts; no, this is a subject that I’m interested in purely from a sociological stand point.  Religions of the world are so different in practice and deity, but at the core are all the same.  Every religion at its base teaches love, kindness and harmonious living between neighbors.  Unfortunately there are individuals in every religion who take words too literally and shed blood in the name of their god.  It’s silly to think that religion is supposed to be something we practice in order to become better humans but instead it brings about intolerance and war.

 Anyway, to read about some folks who have gotten it right, check out some of the far eastern religions who didn’t put their focus on deities but rather focused on their actions.  Also, you ever notice how almost every single religion ever created, all evolved from some of the same stories and principles, i.e. Eden, the great flood and the struggle between good and evil?                     


10.) Rongorongo- I’m fascinated by language; where it started, how it came to be and geographically specific writing systems.  But for the sake of this post, I’ll focus on the most unusual and intriguing; Rongorongo.

 What’s so unusual about it is that it’s considered to be one of a total of four independent inventions of language.  This is because it was a found on Easter Island, which prior to being discovered in the 19th century, had no record of European (or otherwise) inhabitants or explored save that of the original natives.

It’s a glyph system that to this day has not been deciphered despite hundreds of attempts by language experts and code breaking experts.  Without the help of a “Rosetta Stone”, it’s not likely to actually ever be deciphered.  It still produces fascination however, to a growing population of language enthusiasts.  To learn more about this incredible language, please visit here.

21 Responses to “Top Ten Fascinating Things That Fascinate Me”
  1. Amanda Mack says:

    I’m impressed.

  2. Respeck yo! I share your fascination with most of the list… The official website of the “democratic people’s republic of korea” is particularly fucked up…
    For me, religion isn’t such a neutral subject… I’m fascinated but more disgusted, really. I see the kindness and be good to your neighbour part as something modern that has been tacked on to appeal to a modern public.
    I love a good mystery like the untranslatable manuscripts, dead languages… and neanderthals. Neanderthals tickle my inquisitive bone big time.

    • graysonjack says:

      Thanks for the reference to DPRK website…wow. That’s the only word I have! That guy is such a freak-show. Well I’m glad you liked the list, and it’s also good to know I’m not the only one who likes some kind of weird subjects. Neanderthals do it for you huh? That’s funny but good. I’ve never really thought much about them before but guess what I’ll be doing today? That’s right, researching the crap out of those prehistoric man apes. Thanks for the comment!

      • Hell yeah! neanderthals are mysterious too. I just find it really amazing that we originally shared the earth with another species that was also sentient. Imagine how crazy and amazing that would been. Anyway. Cool post!

  3. Why does it bother me? says:

    Awesome post! Nothing better than a list! I’m going on a google-a-thon about Kim Jong Il!

  4. Why does it bother me? says:

    Awesome post! Nothing better than a list! I’m going on a googe-a-thon about Kim Jong Il!

  5. alanschuyler says:

    Just wow! You hit on some of my favorites and added some more. I am going to spend the afternoon trying to unlock the secrets of Rongorongo. I’ll let you know how it goes. I had never heard of Unit 731 and psychology in general makes me a little crazy. I’m finally getting around to adding you to my blogroll which I know I’ll regret because after folks read your stuff they’ll never come back to mine. I think that’s some type of natural selection. Survival of the angriest. Sigh…

    • graysonjack says:

      Thanks for the comment! Please let me know how it goes with Rongorongo…I want to know if there’s some secret to life in those glyphs haha. Unit 731 is definitely something that very few people seem to have heard of. Apparently there was a big cover-up on the entire thing and most of the people involved never even served a day in prison for the atrocities they committed.
      Eh, you won’t regret it, you’ll be added to mine and we can send readers back and forth. Hopefully we can get quite the following between us!

  6. brainrants says:

    1. kim Il is a douchebag. No further discussion needed.
    2. Spacetime is awesome. You want some truly mind-bending shit to read, let me know.
    3. Liberals suck dead rhino ass. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    4. Nazis and Unit 731 suck ass. Deep space exploration rocks.
    5. Bitches need to read your shit regular, yo.

    Hope this helps…

    • W.T.F. man? get out of my head. these are my 5 reply’s. Yo! Jacko we got a new bff….

    • graysonjack says:

      1.) Kim Jong IS a douchbag…100% agree.
      2.) Spacetime is awesome but scares the piss out of me. I’d like some mindbending shit to read.
      3.) Dead rhino ass…hmm…I agree liberals suck; as for not just rhino ass but DEAD rhino ass…that’s a whole other topic. Unfortunately a lot of Republicans suck as well. I stick with conservatism…weird.
      4.) Nazi’s and Unit 731 DO suck ass…a lot. Thank God for Marines right?
      5.) I agree…Bitches DO need to read my shit on the regular, but they should also be sent your way as well.

  7. Upgrayedd says:

    If you like kim jong il. you will probably get a laugh out of this

  8. lifewith4cats says:

    This was a great read, but as each entry is so thought provoking, you could have/should have made each its own post.
    Having only recently come to love Japanese culture I had never before read any war accounts that served to sufficiently convince me they were the ‘monsters’ so many bitter americans say they were. That is until today. I tried to read the whole page your link led to, but had to stop at the mention of a 3 day old baby. Thats so atrocious!! Lately I had been pondering in a long view type of way, What had the japanese ever done to earn themselves such cosmic, karmic vengance as seems to always be heaped on them for no reason. (disasters all the time) But THIS really seems to answer that question of mine. I plan to follow up on it. Do you recommend any authors?

    on another note, I also love serial killers for the same reason you do. To crawl inside their minds. Have you seen this movie? The Devils Chair. The flick is not at all what it apears. when it starts out it gives the impression that its cheesy and is gonna suck, but the psychology of it as it unfolds is awesome. I watched it twise. The end is superb. and the song during the end credits rocks! ( the guy who wrote the devils chair also wrote ‘Broken’ Heres the song:

    • graysonjack says:

      Thank you very much lifewith4cats.You know, I thought about doing a post on each one, but I decided it be best not to for two reasons.1.)I try to stick with the niche I created the blog for…angry rants.If I start doing too many posts on things other than being angry, I feel that would defeat the purpose of the blog name; maybe I'll start a new blog though.2.) I put short descriptions of each to hopefully get people interested and wanting to know more.This way each person can do research and come to their own conclusions and beliefs on each subject.I'd like to know for instance what other people think of serial killers as you told me yourself.

      Anyway, I'm glad I could bring to your attention Unit 731.It's so amazing that it's been kept such a secret for so long.I don't know if the people of Japan "got what they deserved" but it does shed a new light on the culture.Like you said, for so long people have wondered what the Japanese did to deserve being labelled monsters…I suppose this helps in the understanding.Either way, what both sides did (Japanese and American) was going too far.

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