I’ve been to jail.  Granted, it was city jail and not prison or even county jail; but jail none-the-less.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been three times (in three different cities).  I didn’t even go for a good or fun reason, like tea-bagging the drink of an ‘Affliction’ shirt-wearing douche bag or fighting for … Continue reading

Red Light, Road Rage

Red lights are like people; I fucking hate them.  They’re always in the way, interrupting my forward progress; and more times than I can count, almost caused me to piss myself.  The only redeeming quality they hold that puts them one notch above humans is the fact they can’t speak. I know it’s egocentric to … Continue reading

Shameless Plug

I swore when I started my blog, I wasn’t going to be one of those who did personal updates, posted several times a day with inane word fodder or spoke directly to my audience.  I wanted to keep it as if it were my own little magazine with scheduled articles; instead I’m now going to … Continue reading

Yahoo! Yahoos

I just had the pleasure of “discovering” Yahoo! Answers and…my mind has been so thoroughly blown.  It’s like a giant middle/high school “study hall” (or whatever they call it these days) of tweens and teens flapping their gums on inane subjects.  The only difference being that these teenagers are coming across as more mind-bogglingly stupid … Continue reading

I Fucking Hate Profanity

Not long ago, I got into a heated discussion in the online comments section of a news article about “cursing in the workplace”.  My opinion on cursing is probably quite obvious if you’ve ever read a single post on my blog.  Granted, it is a personal blog and not as public as using profanity at … Continue reading

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