A Night I Never Remembered…The Stripper Chronicles

I went to the strip club the other night…allegedly.  I’m not sure it counts though because I don’t remember being there, much less remember driving home.  “Oh the humanity Grayson, the humanity,” I hear the voices saying.  “How dare you drive home black-out drunk; you could have killed someone!”  Shut the fuck up right now … Continue reading

Hotel Duval Can Suck My Hair Balls…With All Due Respect

I went on a business trip to Tallahassee Florida this week, and aside from being 3 blocks away from Florida State University – and more importantly, 2 blocks away from sorority row – I was excited about the hotel that had been booked by a co-worker of mine who was originally supposed to go in … Continue reading

Dan Dan, The Homophobic Chicken Man

This was written at the suggestion of my good friend KM.  I’m not sure I fully went the direction she intended; but then again, I know I probably went too far left and alienated some friends…and family, who are on the other side as well.  That said, fuck you all kindly, this is my blog…get … Continue reading

My Un-Acceptance Speech

I want to thank ‘why i am here in a hand basket’ for graciously nominating me for that Versatile Blogger award thing.  I unfortunately have to turn it down because honestly, I’m too lazy to list 7 things about myself that ya’ll might not know and I’m uncomfortable choosing people’s blogs over others.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m … Continue reading

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