My Un-Acceptance Speech

I want to thank ‘why i am here in a hand basket’ for graciously nominating me for that Versatile Blogger award thing.  I unfortunately have to turn it down because honestly, I’m too lazy to list 7 things about myself that ya’ll might not know and I’m uncomfortable choosing people’s blogs over others.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sound like a pretentious asshole (I mean I am, but not in this case), I’m just not that into blowing smoke up my own ass?  Those of you who regularly read me (or used to), know that I blow tons of smoke and it’s always out my ears. I’d rather tell everyone that the person who nominated me has a pretty kick-ass blog.  It’s small chunks of writing, filled immensely with dry wit, sarcasm, humor, sadness and real emotion…but mostly humor; she’s not a downer.  Please, go check this woman out.  Thank you.


9 Responses to “My Un-Acceptance Speech”
  1. why am I here in a handbasket? says:

    that was so marlon brando-ish. 🙂

    • graysonjack says:

      I have no idea whether that’s a good thing or not…I feel like an idiot; I know who he is and his movies, but outside of that, I’m lost. Did he turn down an award? I should probably google that.

      • why am I here in a handbasket? says:

        he won an Oscar in 1973 and refused to accept it. hahaha…it was before your time.

        • graysonjack says:

          Ah…I see. Yes, that predates me by 7 years; but it’s still something I should have known…great actor that he was. So, awesome. I guess a ‘thank you’ is in order! And for real, thank you for nominating me. Hopefully I could at least send some traffic your way.

  2. That was nicer than the 7 things

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