The Bar Patron (short story)

He could tell the seasons of the year simply by the clothing of the patrons in the bar; never mind the weather outside a mere 15 steps away from where he sat.  He knew it was close to Christmas because the measly few young people ordering their Jager shots and Red Bull-vodkas had scarves like … Continue reading

Fuck Inspiration

Inspiration?  Fuck inspiration.  Whether the stuff comes from the bottle or from the recesses of a sad and twisted mind, inspiration is nothing more than a trait I fully lack.  Hemingway had inspiration.  Bukowski had inspiration.  Me?  I have a half bottle of cheap scotch, one more cigarette and not a single ounce of empathy … Continue reading

Upcoming Deviation (not a rant)

I’m going to try something a little different and deviate from the usual “angry rant”.  I’m going to post 3 different pieces over the week; one short piece of  angry prose, one very short story (micro-flash), and one traditional piece of prose.  I understand it’s not for everyone, especially those of you who’ve stuck around … Continue reading

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