Top 8 Mysterious Things That Are Still Mysteries (5-8)

5.) Toynbee Tiles- This is a strange one but for reasons that aren’t sinister or other-worldly.  There’s no murder to figure out, no disappearance and no megalithic structures.  The Toynbee tiles are simply mysterious messages found embedded in the asphalt of streets in over 20 American cities, and a few in South America as well.  … Continue reading

Top 8 Mysterious Things That Are Still Mysteries (1-4)

This is half ‘continuation of my ‘Fascinating Things that Fascinate Me’ list‘ and half totally separate list.  Basically it’s a list of things I find equally fascinating but are all unsolved by either science or the detectives assigned to the case.  Perhaps you can crack the mystery… 1.) Max Headroom TV Hack- This is one of the creepier … Continue reading

Top Ten Internet Time Killers (that aren’t WordPress)

I find myself at work every moring, not quite ready to commit to the days tasks.  I need something to get me going, to wake my brain up, to give me the energy required to make it through the day…so I get a cup of coffee.  Then I turn my computer on and start trolling … Continue reading

Top Ten Fascinating Things That Fascinate Me

Unfortunately it’s another list; and a long one at that.  So basically I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to read it.  1.) The Voynich Manuscript- I spent over a week researching the crap out of this thing and never really learned anything more than a description of what it looks like.  It’s apparently a … Continue reading

Top Ten Bad Ass Chuck Palahniuk Books

In October I will be attending a Chuck Palahniuk reading for the first time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this author, first…punch yourself in the throat for not knowing this genius of modern social satire.  Second, you’re probably familiar with his work, you just aren’t aware of it.  He wrote the masterpiece, … Continue reading

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