Hell, Hate and the Helping Hand of Humanity

So…the human race sucks.  Don’t worry; I include myself in the shenanigans of humanity.  But honestly, we’re to the earth, as crack was to Whitney Houston…too soon?  We are to the earth, as child rape was to the papacy; better? I’m not just speaking “hippy-like, mother earth, we’ve got to save nature” type thing; I … Continue reading

Correction on the ‘Goodbye’

I was reading some text messages I got in response to my post last night, and then the comments on the actual post, then finally I went and re-read my post and it dawned on me that some of ya’ll might have gotten the wrong impression.  I wasn’t being all dramatic and saying “I suck … Continue reading


Following the advice of a once dear friend, I’m giving this shit up.  Ya’ll have been great and, well…I suck at this; fuck ya’ll…Grayson out.  I’m gonna shut this bitch down in a week. I wish everyone this best of luck and future success and blah blah blah.  Stop being pussies.  

A Night I Never Remembered…The Stripper Chronicles

I went to the strip club the other night…allegedly.  I’m not sure it counts though because I don’t remember being there, much less remember driving home.  “Oh the humanity Grayson, the humanity,” I hear the voices saying.  “How dare you drive home black-out drunk; you could have killed someone!”  Shut the fuck up right now … Continue reading

Hotel Duval Can Suck My Hair Balls…With All Due Respect

I went on a business trip to Tallahassee Florida this week, and aside from being 3 blocks away from Florida State University – and more importantly, 2 blocks away from sorority row – I was excited about the hotel that had been booked by a co-worker of mine who was originally supposed to go in … Continue reading

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