Fuck Inspiration

Inspiration?  Fuck inspiration.  Whether the stuff comes from the bottle or from the recesses of a sad and twisted mind, inspiration is nothing more than a trait I fully lack.  Hemingway had inspiration.  Bukowski had inspiration.  Me?  I have a half bottle of cheap scotch, one more cigarette and not a single ounce of empathy … Continue reading

Ramblings of an Addict

I’ve been gone a while…I know; and I can’t promise I’m even really coming back; but I figured I’d write something  just to let the one or two people who check, know I’m not dead.  I’m undergoing a massive reformation.  By massive, I mean ‘fuck-me-right-in-the-face, this-shit-is-hard’ kind of reformation.   Who decided being healthy is cool?  … Continue reading

I Fucking Hate Profanity

Not long ago, I got into a heated discussion in the online comments section of a news article about “cursing in the workplace”.  My opinion on cursing is probably quite obvious if you’ve ever read a single post on my blog.  Granted, it is a personal blog and not as public as using profanity at … Continue reading

Can I Get A Witness…Jehovah Style?

[Note- This is a picture of an actual letter I recently received from our ‘Neighborhood Jehova’s Witness(es).  The following post is my long (written) response to them which I mailed this afternoon.  It’s obviously not a rant, but if my sarcasm towards another religion offends you…well I don’t really care if it offends you, just … Continue reading


This has been a long time coming and with recent events being a catalyst, I can no longer contain my disdain for stupid people.  If you’re a left-wing-hippie who says corporations are bad and down with “the man”; first off, go fuck yourself with an all-natural-soy based-free range-vegan granola bar.  Second, go fuck yourself with … Continue reading

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