Fuck Inspiration

Inspiration?  Fuck inspiration.  Whether the stuff comes from the bottle or from the recesses of a sad and twisted mind, inspiration is nothing more than a trait I fully lack.  Hemingway had inspiration.  Bukowski had inspiration.  Me?  I have a half bottle of cheap scotch, one more cigarette and not a single ounce of empathy … Continue reading

Dan Dan, The Homophobic Chicken Man

This was written at the suggestion of my good friend KM.  I’m not sure I fully went the direction she intended; but then again, I know I probably went too far left and alienated some friends…and family, who are on the other side as well.  That said, fuck you all kindly, this is my blog…get … Continue reading

Top Ten Bad Ass Chuck Palahniuk Books

In October I will be attending a Chuck Palahniuk reading for the first time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this author, first…punch yourself in the throat for not knowing this genius of modern social satire.  Second, you’re probably familiar with his work, you just aren’t aware of it.  He wrote the masterpiece, … Continue reading

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