Red Light, Road Rage

Red lights are like people; I fucking hate them.  They’re always in the way, interrupting my forward progress; and more times than I can count, almost caused me to piss myself.  The only redeeming quality they hold that puts them one notch above humans is the fact they can’t speak. I know it’s egocentric to … Continue reading

Left Lane Lolly-Gaggers

Obviously my post on ‘rules to follow when driving near me’ didn’t go viral and reach enough readers because I’m now having to reiterate in a post entirely of its own, requesting that you ass-clowns out there on the road stop being Sunday-drivers on the freaking freeway!  I’m telling you this not only for my … Continue reading

Gerta and the Laggin’ Wagon

I’ve talked about rules to follow when driving near me a couple of times; now I want to talk about a specific type of vehicle on the freeway that truly causes me to consider suicide by concrete divider.  There is not one other vehicle on the road today that induces more rage to spew from … Continue reading

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