A Few Of My Favorite Things…To Hate

I hate people who work the drive-thru and barely speak English. I hate drive-thrus. I hate fast-food and I hate slow food. I hate eating unhealthy and getting fat, but eating healthy is worse than that. I fucking hate driving and I hate other drivers more. I hate non-blinker using and cell phone driving whores. … Continue reading

I Fucking Hate Profanity

Not long ago, I got into a heated discussion in the online comments section of a news article about “cursing in the workplace”.  My opinion on cursing is probably quite obvious if you’ve ever read a single post on my blog.  Granted, it is a personal blog and not as public as using profanity at … Continue reading

Gerta and the Laggin’ Wagon

I’ve talked about rules to follow when driving near me a couple of times; now I want to talk about a specific type of vehicle on the freeway that truly causes me to consider suicide by concrete divider.  There is not one other vehicle on the road today that induces more rage to spew from … Continue reading

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