Same Old Shit, Just a Different Day…

When did the transition from childhood into adulthood go from being an adventure like Lord of the Rings, to being like Groundhog Day?  I have the same routine every. fucking. day.  I want to join a gang or become a dirty politician just to break up the monotony.  Perhaps I’ll rob a bank; leave the … Continue reading

Shameless Plug

I swore when I started my blog, I wasn’t going to be one of those who did personal updates, posted several times a day with inane word fodder or spoke directly to my audience.  I wanted to keep it as if it were my own little magazine with scheduled articles; instead I’m now going to … Continue reading

Fashionably Retarded

[Note: I beg everyone not to read this.  It isn’t funny at all] There are some cruel parents in this world and they need to be dealt with quick-fast and in a hurry.  I’m not talking about the parents who beat Johnny until he looks like he got in an MMA fight with Brock Lesnar; … Continue reading

Ode to the Overly Descriptive and Surrealistic, Nonsense-Poet

Raindrops like dreams fall, Sedentary in time and black With a twisted rainbow. My words are Picasso. My words like the wind…blow. Magma spews forth from a baby’s mouth, Intertwined and outlined In the placenta of a mothers womb. Steve Jobs is freezing in hell…too soon? I stir these words With a wooden spoon, Feel … Continue reading

Can I Get A Witness…Jehovah Style?

[Note- This is a picture of an actual letter I recently received from our ‘Neighborhood Jehova’s Witness(es).  The following post is my long (written) response to them which I mailed this afternoon.  It’s obviously not a rant, but if my sarcasm towards another religion offends you…well I don’t really care if it offends you, just … Continue reading

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