American Schemer…I Mean Dreamer

[Note- This isn’t my typical (what I would consider) funny rant as usual.  This is more of a serious rant with a little humor thrown in.  You’re more than welcome to skip it.] Immigration.  This is an important topic to me for 2 reasons:  1.) I live in Texas (need I say more?) and 2.) … Continue reading

Speeding Tickets and the A-Holes Who Write Them

I’m guessing if you’re of at least the age of 16, a minimum of functionally retarded and have at least 75% use of your appendages, you’ve probably received your drivers’ license.  And with that American symbol of freedom and adulthood comes the inevitable…speeding tickets.  There is absolutely nothing more infuriating than breaking the law and … Continue reading

Fat People In Bathing Suits

As I said in my last post, I went to Schlitterbaun with my family recently.  For those of you unfamiliar with Texas or that particular place here in the state, it’s a sort of German themed water park.  Overall not a bad place; my only complaint is that it is technically three water parks in … Continue reading

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