Top 8 Mysterious Things That Are Still Mysteries (5-8)

5.) Toynbee Tiles- This is a strange one but for reasons that aren’t sinister or other-worldly.  There’s no murder to figure out, no disappearance and no megalithic structures.  The Toynbee tiles are simply mysterious messages found embedded in the asphalt of streets in over 20 American cities, and a few in South America as well.  … Continue reading

Top 8 Mysterious Things That Are Still Mysteries (1-4)

This is half ‘continuation of my ‘Fascinating Things that Fascinate Me’ list‘ and half totally separate list.  Basically it’s a list of things I find equally fascinating but are all unsolved by either science or the detectives assigned to the case.  Perhaps you can crack the mystery… 1.) Max Headroom TV Hack- This is one of the creepier … Continue reading

Top Ten Internet Time Killers (that aren’t WordPress)

I find myself at work every moring, not quite ready to commit to the days tasks.  I need something to get me going, to wake my brain up, to give me the energy required to make it through the day…so I get a cup of coffee.  Then I turn my computer on and start trolling … Continue reading

My Top Ten Totally Rad Songs of the 80’s

 I already did a list on why the 80’s were awesome, but I feel the music really conveys the attitude of that era best…’nuff said.   1.)  Journey-Don’t Stop Believing–  This is the ultimate in cheesy up-beat 80’s music.  Journey gets a bad wrap for being kind of gay, but don’t tell me you can … Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Comedic Comedies of All Time

These types of lists are so subjective; age, tolerance of vulgarity and personal comedy preference are all factors to what people find funny.  Because this is my blog and I’m writing about what I like, your feelings have no bearing as to what I chose or what order I put them in.  In short, it’s … Continue reading

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