Fuck Inspiration

Inspiration?  Fuck inspiration.  Whether the stuff comes from the bottle or from the recesses of a sad and twisted mind, inspiration is nothing more than a trait I fully lack.  Hemingway had inspiration.  Bukowski had inspiration.  Me?  I have a half bottle of cheap scotch, one more cigarette and not a single ounce of empathy … Continue reading

A Night I Never Remembered…The Stripper Chronicles

I went to the strip club the other night…allegedly.  I’m not sure it counts though because I don’t remember being there, much less remember driving home.  “Oh the humanity Grayson, the humanity,” I hear the voices saying.  “How dare you drive home black-out drunk; you could have killed someone!”  Shut the fuck up right now … Continue reading

Shameless Plug

I swore when I started my blog, I wasn’t going to be one of those who did personal updates, posted several times a day with inane word fodder or spoke directly to my audience.  I wanted to keep it as if it were my own little magazine with scheduled articles; instead I’m now going to … Continue reading

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