Your Rant

Go ahead and tell me what makes you angry.  Get it off your chest! Vent! Cuss out some jack wagon who didn’t say thank you when you opened the door for them at 7-11.  Give a verbal middle finger to the cop who gave you a ticket for going 5mph over the speed limit.  I want to hear it all, post your angry words and feel better my irrate readers.

21 Responses to “Your Rant”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I am Angry When people you have followed and trusted. Decide its ok to make comments about your financial track record , to your family and friends . Making a clear stand point for others to follow, while making their own choices about you based on that persons comment. I am tired of my own generation being raised up to believe that comments about others. no matter how little, don’t make an affect on the people around them. Like saying something like ” I wouldn’t pay that person at all because they cant find a job it must be cause they don’t do good work .” These comments are brash and leave horrible marks on peoples social stand . not only in the work place but in their other relationships! This is why for all of my twenty somethings out there please stop commenting on your friends work ethic , relationship status or any other thing that might affect these things in the long run.

  2. Jonathan P says:

    What pisses me off? How about being unemployed for 6 months…Finding the perfect position, interviewing 4 times over the course of 6 weeks and completing assignments for the potential employer. Only then to have them tell you that they need the next quarter to determine whether or not they can develop the funding to hire for the position. WTF??? Seriously? You do over 100 million in business every year, the CEO drives a Maybach and a VP was given a Ferrari as his annual bonus. AND you telling me after running me around for 6 weeks, you don’t have the money to hire me? All your VPs have Asst. VPs except the one I’m interviewing for…..Guess he won’t be employed by you folks much longer….Oh well, fuck it….What can you do?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just cant stand that this person has only ever had one job and never had to beg or scrape for her food money vet bills or any other thing but she thinks because I have been unemployed for two months after being skimped by the man $400.00 I was babysitting his kids for . that I am not putting applications in at all and that its my fault for quitting a place that forged my signature on important paper work . im sorry but from some one who has worked five jobs since she was fifteen BITE MEEEEEEE!

  3. Sora says:

    I hate how controlling my mother is in my personal life! From my clothes, to my hair, to my room, to my friends, everything has to be into her taste of preference. I hate it so much!! I’m basically an adult (I’m 18) and she controls everything about me!! Her favorite sentence to yell at me is “If you can’t listen to me for one small thing, when a big decision comes how are you going to listen to me???!!!” So i’m an Asian kid and in their culture children are deathly loyal to their parent/elders. Like if their parents told them to jump off a cliff, the children would do that!! But I’m also a bit of a white-washed child where parents give advice and it depends on whether the child would listen or not (to small things). I want the ability to dress how I want, color or cut my hair to the style I want, decorate my room on how I WANT, and who I WANT as my friends. But I’m scared of being disloyal to my mother due to the Asian culture that says that if you are disrespectful to your parents, when you die you will go to hell. I JUST WANT TO BE FREE. I know its cliche but that’s how i deeply feel, the ability to do the things i like. But i’m deathly scared that my parents would leave me. I even said it to them and this is what they say ” Even if we leave you, you’d still be a lost cause to the world.” And I said “You guys don’t understand me!!” They replied “There’s no point in understanding you.” I feel alone in my family like there’s no connection. I seriously feel that my friends make better family members then my own family. I feel isolated like the’re times where my family is loving but I feel that love is only on-the surface. If they really love me they would try to get to now me but they don’t know anything about me! Sorry if the rant is all over the place but what i’m typing is currently what is happening. I feel that my parents think by loving me is by giving me a place to sleep and eat and to study and to have a great future. But they don’t seem to understand that my feelings matter too… They do everything how they want so I could i have a better future. I am grateful for what they are doing but I want my feelings to be acknowledged too! I feel isolated and there is no one I could talk too… I can’t talk to my friends cause i know they will be a bit biased… I admit the’re times where i am downright rude but its because my mom and grandma will not let me express how i feel so to express it I yell. I am ashamed for being rude and regret it a lot too. But they will not acknowledge my feeling and as the years go by, my bottled up feelings are ready to burst. I have no one to turn too, no older siblings and I can’t talk to any professional because that would be considered (to my parents) “talking shit about them”. The feeling i’m experiencing is “being backed into a corner” I have no way to vent and no way to express my style and feelings. I feel seriously alone (sorry for being cliche) and I feel I need help or at least someone to rescue me…(again sorry for all the cliches)
    I just want to be free….

  4. disqualifyme says:

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  5. jack ward says:

    I going to rant about the insidious looking black sheets middle eastern women get to wear.
    Full Burqas and niqaabs (the face covering bit) continue to be a bit of a contentious issue in Australia. Now, when people who ride motorbikes go into a bank they must remove their helmets – so CCTV can capture their image – so why are these ‘eyes only’ garments allowed. Anything could be under there – it could be a man for christ’s sake – with a machine gun! – who the fuck would know?
    And it seems we only extend this courtesy to sand niggers (did I type that or just think it!). If someone showed up in a public place in a white sheet and a pointy hat – cops would be called – and it would be on the news.
    I think we need to stop pussyfooting around with people from different cultures – when we go to their country we have to fall in line with their rules. Are we so weak and desperate to have them here that we will let them do whatever they like – even if it means breaking our laws? And don’t get me started on squat toilets. Installing these in every public toilet in Australia – going way, way too far people!
    And when Caucasian women convert to islam and start wearing this garb – guess what – it’s because they’re fucking butt ugly! But it doesn’t matter under all that shit does it. I like it when they say “I love shoes and bags” – well I guess you do – seeing as it’s all we fucking see. The only other thing these chicks have to spend money on is eyeliner.
    Religious freedom and all that – but rules are fucking rules.

    • Jonathan P says:

      I feel the same way…..As an American, it disturbs me that the rights of illegal aliens are now more important than mine….OR that I am now expected to be sensitive to a foreign culture, that I fought against in the 90s….It amazes me that these Muslims come to our country and the men quickly adopt our culture, but the women are often held to a completely different standard under Sharia Law. I can’t pray in school, can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance because it references my God but a Muslim girl can wear her burka and niqaabs, both of which are expressions of her religious beliefs? Our country has become more interested in how we look to the world than to our own citizens. BUT even so, as an American I can’t walk safely in the streets of mine or any foreign country anymore…..The activities of my government have made me a target anywhere I go

  6. Kasey says:

    My rant is going to be in story form. Let’s start with a girl we’ll call Sasha. Sasha is now 22 with 3 children ages 4, 2, and 18 months. All the children have the same father, which Sasha manipulated to get her way. Let’s go back to when Sasha was 16 and discuss how she did that, all we?
    16 year old Sasha. Pastors daughter. Chubby. Likes to wear men’s clothing. No friends. Maniulative and constantly throwing a pity party. Probably the reason for no friends. Enter 18 year old Cody. (all names have been changed). Cody is the exact opposite of Sasha. Hard working. Skinny as hell. Heart of gold. Does everything for other people. However, Cody has no backbone. Never stands up for himself. Sasha hooks Cody with her sob story and Cody soon asks her out to try to make her happy. Not long after, Sasha sets her plan in motion…she convinces Cody that if they had a baby together, it would be a fun, joyous experience and everything would be wonderful. A few conversations and some mediocre car sex later and Cody is about to be a dad. Phase 1 of Sasha’s plan. By this time, Sasha and Cody are 17 and 19. So telling the parents had to be done in a family counseling session. Much to simple Cody’s surprise and falling perfectly into Sasha’s plan, Sasha’s father convinces them that they have to get married. Pastor’s daughter, remember? 2 months later, and Cody had made the 2nd biggest mistake of his life. Things only got worse from there. After the shotgun wedding, Sasha’s true colors came out and she started screaming at Cody on a daily basis and throwing things. Cody lost touch with his friends. Anytime they came over and the attention wasn’t on Sasha, her shrill, immature screams would fill the air. Cody thought that a 2nd child would finally make Sasha happy, and then a 3rd. By the time the 3rd child was born, they had a 2 1/2 year old, 10 month old, and newborn baby. Sasha and Cody are now only 20 and 22. Sasha finally had enough to leave. She cheated on Cody and only 5 months after the last baby was born they had filed for divorce. 3 months after that Cody was free. Right? Fat chance. It’s been 9 months since the divorce. Cody makes $2239 a month and has the kids 48% of the time. Sasha’s child support checks are $900 a month and she also receives day care assistance and food support. Cody is barely surviving financially and a week ago, Sasha bought a 2012 Lexus hybrid wagon. Sasha still screams in front of the children, has been known to drive the 4 year old without a booster seat, currently drives around without a license, and frequently leaves the children alone with her suicidal 20 year old sister. the 4 year old’s birthday was a few weeks ago and Sasha ignored him. She’s content to sit by and collect Cody’s money and government money and hide behind her assets behind her boyfriend (yes, the man she had an affair with). Sasha believes she’s untouchable and unfortunately, she appears to be correct.

    And endrant…..for now….

    • graysonjack says:

      Well…that was definitely a rant-worthy subject. Be Cody a friend, family or friend of the family, I’m really sorry about his situation but happy he’s no longer with her. It’ll get better for him. From personal experience you should tell him to keep a journal of every time they have contact and it’s negative, as well as things she does (yell in front of the kids, mooching money, etc.)…after enough is collected, he can go to court and probably either get split custody with no child support, or full custody with her paying him. That would be in the best interest of Cody and his children. I promise. That aside, welcome to my page! Feel free to rant any time!

    • Jonathan P says:

      Cody, you need to move on with your life. Focus on your kids and what is best for them, Sasha is poisonous. Interesting that a pastor’s daughter could be so manipulative, not surprising though; it’s been my experience too. Good Luck

  7. Ana says:

    This friend I have, had, she’s really funny so everyone wants to be on her good side and be friends with her. She gets annoyed easily with people, she never does any work but gets by by copying. So everyone is always trying to make her happy with them but she is soooo mean. One time, I invited her over and she said she would come in a couple of minutes and them she just never showed up or talked about it and of course I forgave her because somehow she gets everyone to like her. She is always invited to people’s events and she never decides whether she’ll come or not and usually doesn’t. She gives backhanded compliments and gets angry at people for the smallest things that she doesn’t even understand but somehow everyone stills likes her. One time I was talking to we and an annoying senior and she started talking about how mean he was and somehow we got to talking about how she hides it when she’s mean, and then she turned to him and whispered something so obviously about me that I mentally retracted my joking compliment about how good she is at hiding her meanness. Then he said so let’s walk away “quietly”. So I walked in the opposite direction as them when they started to walk away, in the middle of our conversation. It was so rude and mean. I hope that I will have the strength to not talk to her anymore because she always makes me feel bad about myself. In life, she will probably be successful though she doesn’t ever do any work and she’s really mean because she’s really amazing at singing and she’s pretty which of course most people including me are jealous of. But she’s just so mean and moody.

    • graysonjack says:

      I’m sorry that girl is so terrible to you and others. I have a feeling you will succeed far beyond anything she could ever hope to accomplish, simply because you are a better, and obviously more intelligent, person. Fuck her! You keep doing what you’re doing…ignore her and be an example of what a good person should be. As for looks and beauty – fuck that! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and looks only help you in high school…not the real world. Besides, beauty fades but a shitty “soul” is forever. You’re a cool chick. I’d hang out with you any time over the girl that’s mean!

      • Jonathan P says:

        Unfortunately it rarely works out that way….The people who work hard? They’re taken advantage by the lazy pricks who take credit for your work and get ahead. If you complain, file a grievance, you’re dismissed for not being a team player…Team player? I went into combat with 16 men and came out with all 16…How’s that for a team, FUCK YOU CORPORATE AMERICA!!!!!!! Good Luck to you…Life has it’s moments good and bad, hopefully you’ll find the good happen more frequently than the bad.

  8. Amanda Fox says:

    Women that think it’s God’s will for them to have a hundred children, or twenty.

  9. Viral Verve says:

    Rather than b*tc# about it being Monday… I rant: SFW

  10. E. Campbell says:

    Crazy ranting page. Found this and thought you’d appreciate the unloading that occurs.

  11. italktoyouallthetimeinmyhead says:

    MEN SUCK. And we, women, still love them. Well, to our defence, they has yummy dicks we couldn’t say goodbyes to.

  12. slammy says:

    I’m sick of reading blogs of morons who think their witty.

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