5 Rules To Follow When Talking To Me (3-5)

Alright, here are rules 3-5.  To recap: Rule 1 is Respect my personal bubble; Rule 2 is Don’t Talk So Much.  If you didn’t read the first two, go here. 3.)  Don’t ‘Phrase Repeat’-  I know a gentleman who is by all accounts a great human being and quite funny as well.  He has a … Continue reading

5 Rules To Follow When Talking To Me (1-2)

If you know me personally, you know I’m not a big fan of pretty much the whole of the human race; especially when it comes to having to interact closely.  This isn’t something I show outwardly as I hide it well in public…unless you break one of my five rules of being near me.  Because … Continue reading

5 Rules to Follow When Driving Near Me

I don’t know if I’m being completely unreasonable or if I’m actually part of the majority, but other drivers completely suck ass.  I want you to know that I value my readers (all 4 of them), but if you break one of my rules of driving, I absolutely loathe and despise you and wish genital … Continue reading

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