American Schemer…I Mean Dreamer

[Note- This isn’t my typical (what I would consider) funny rant as usual.  This is more of a serious rant with a little humor thrown in.  You’re more than welcome to skip it.]

Immigration.  This is an important topic to me for 2 reasons:  1.) I live in Texas (need I say more?) and 2.) My father was an immigrant.  For obvious reasons (such as being born), I’m pretty much ok with immigration.  Had my father not hopped onto the one-way non-stop boat ride to NYC, I might have been born a full blood towel-head (instead of only half) and I would be eating sand, riding camels and bathing in oil…or whatever goes on.  Strangely though, because my family is one of the few remaining, I would still be “Christian”; really I’d be Greek Orthodox but what’s the difference, I’d still be living in the Middle East.

Anyway, the problem I have, are with those who come to my country illegally yet take full advantage of our nation’s benefits and my tax money (even if I hardly pay any).  My father came to Texas in the 60’s when he was 18, hardly $200 in his pocket and a few key English phrases.  What happened over the next 45 years is the true definition of the American dream.  Student visa in hand, he graduated from a small Baptist university in East Texas, with a degree in chemistry and a better grasp of the English language than most 5th generation Americans.  He met a smoking hot country girl/English major (who would later turn out to be the not-at-all-hot mother of me) and went through the legal process of becoming a naturalized citizen.  Skip ahead to the present and he’s a retired CEO who has a house here in the States and a house in his home country of Jordan.  The point to this long-winded and mostly non-interesting story is- Fuck the illegals.  There is no justification you can give me that would change my mind.  My ex-wife is Mexican, like ‘from Mexico’ Mexican; and she would say that I “just don’t understand.  These immigrants come to the states not speaking English, no money and just looking to make a better life for themselves.”  Do I need to re-tell the story of my father?! He came to NYC…on a fucking boat! From the Middle East! With $200 to his name and not speaking English! He hitch-hiked to work every day to flip burgers while also making it to class in order to learn…in English. My dad literally grew up in a mud hut…like a no-shit-middle-of-the-desert-with-goats-and-camels mud hut!  I know, because I’ve been in it.  And he had 7 brothers and 1 sister!  How does any illegal immigrant have it so much harder?  At least they have a shorter trip to get to their destination.

I’m so sick of hearing that illegal’s deserve a chance.  Mexico kind of sucks, I wouldn’t want to live there either.  But there’s a process that allows you to become a citizen and affords you better opportunities to be more than the stereo-typical landscaper.  Why should you have access to schools and various other government funded programs when you give nothing in return?  Why do I pay (however miniscule it is) taxes to support your kids?

I touched briefly on it earlier but something else that bothers me is the refusal of immigrants to learn English.  My father is proud of our family’s heritage but he embraced America because it gave so much to him.  You can love where you come from, but you must love the country that gave you everything else.  My father fully embraces Western culture and it’s high time other immigrants do the same.  I don’t care if you’re proud to be Cuban or Dominican or fucking Italian, you need to be more proud of the country that is providing you with the opportunities your shitty country never gave you; I mean that is why you’re here isn’t it?  Embrace America and America will embrace you back.  Simply, learn English.  I shouldn’t have my child’s parent/teacher instructions printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other.  The argument about European countries having signs in English is such a moot point.  You have a cluster-fuck of languages jammed in a small landmass, whose economics rely heavily on tourism not only from America, but a crap-ton of other countries; it just makes good business sense to have one universally known language.  It would be like New England states each speaking different languages; it makes things easier to cooperate if there’s one language with which to conduct politics and business. 

Maybe my father is an anomaly in the immigration norm, but it also proves it can be done properly and done well.  I have very little, to no sympathy for the plight of the illegal immigrant.  Liberal or conservative, everyone must concede that illegal’s put a strain on our government and social services.  I agree it’s not close to being the largest detriment to our tax-payers, but why not start somewhere small and start with those who aren’t proud to be an American.

*Cue Lee Greenwood’s Proud to Be an American…*

12 Responses to “American Schemer…I Mean Dreamer”
  1. PD Williams says:

    There’s a very big difference between “immigrants” and “illegal aliens.” This is an incredible post. While I might have said it more gracefully, I certainly could not have done a better job. Two (sorry, that’s all I have) thumbs up!

    • graysonjack says:

      Thank you for the compliment! I’m a little crass in my writing but I try to get my point across as best I can while keeping a reader somewhat interested in the dribble I have to say. Thanks for reading!

      • PD Williams says:

        By the way, I’m very happy to have found your blog (via Break It Down, Pete). Your rants give me a lot of food for thought and you deliver them in such a way that my laughter burns off my morning danish. While this one had a more serious tone, it was certainly no less enjoyable. Keep it up!

        • graysonjack says:

          Thank you! You’re just about my favorite commentor as you have a way of making me feel great about what I write and not embarassed like I usually am…thank you. And enjoy that morning danish; that’ what I eat EVERY morning myself!

  2. Dawne Webber says:

    Awesome post. I know many people who have come here legally. It’s not easy (that’s putting it nicely), but they do it right. We make it too easy for illegals to “get in” and then we reward them for breaking the law, which brings me to my next point. I think the way we treat those who serve in the border patrol is a travesty.

  3. Abby says:

    I don’t think I agree with you entirely. I do think it’s wrong to come here illegally. Absolutely. But on the language thing I think there’s a huge difference between embracing a language and embracing a culture. I, for one, don’t embrace the culture of America and I am a fully-homogenized EuroAmerican.

    My husband, on the other hand, is a naturalized citizen from Egypt. We spent hundreds of dollars getting his legal status and he’ll be a citizen for 6 years this November. So yeah, I get that part. But he is still proud of his HERITAGE,-he’s a Christian, too. Not EO, but protestant, but he loves Egypt. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the culture if that’s really how you decide to go, but we shouldn’t make people feel guilty about wanting to bring a little of their own culture here with them. It might make America a little less ignorant.

    I’m not from Texas, I’m from Central Ohio. I grew up in a white little town where there was a heck of a lot of ignorance. Now that I know more about the world, I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. Diversity doesn’t just happen with different skin color but with different cultures coming together, too. It’s important not to lose your heritage.

    • graysonjack says:

      You’re absolutely right that there’s a huge difference between embracing the language and embracing the culture. But I think I might not have been clear. I’m not saying you need to check out other posts of mine, but I write mostly about how the present American culture has fallen from grace. We’re a disgusting and rude society, but there are still certain points of etiquette the American people follow, that foriegners don’t pick up on. Since you are married to an Egyptian, you know the Arab culture tends to be LOUD and some of the most disrespectful customers at restaurants (at least from my observations). My family tends to stick out like a sore thumb when dining out together because of how loud we are and how demanding we are. Keep your heritage, keep your language but don’t be so obviously foreign that everyday citizens see you and make reasons to hate a culture a particular culture. If you listen to any joke or stereo-type about an Arab, they’re based on some small truths. Arabs, especially (I hate saying this) of the lower class, tend to be loud, obnoxious, rude and a bit ripe on the odor spectrum. Don’t give Americans, especially ignorant ones more of a reason to hate Arabs, or whatever region you hail from. I’m proud of my family, I might sound embarassed of them, but I’m not. I love my Arab culture and where my roots originate, but the freedoms we have here in America are so much better. I would venture to guess (if you and your husband are living in the states) that he came here because of either political or religious persecution of some sort. Mubarrak was a dick; he starved and robbed his people in what should be one of the most flourishing countries on earth. I’ve been to Egypt, it has it’s great parts but it is a wholey damaged country. The poverty I saw there was incomparable to any other country I’ve personally visited, and that’s been quite a few; so obviously America is doing something right. I’d like to know though…what is it about America you don’t like?

  4. itchemeyer says:

    I agree with you, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. The economy sucks and people are losing their jobs. But “the economy” is very intangible to most people so they look for something they can see with their own eyes to blame. That’s where “the Mexicans are taking our jobs” comes in.

    • graysonjack says:

      I don't generally think it's a huge deal either as America was founded on immigrants, I just have a problem with the people who are so adament about them having the 'right' to government programs and, like one of my fellow commenters said, coming here specifically to have children and therefore access to things that actual citizens have and pay for.Economically speaking, it's not the largest detriment as I said, but we can start small.While it doesn'tcause a wide economic turndown, it could create a huge upswing if everyone were legal and earning more and paying taxes.

  5. brainrants says:

    I agree. No question. Hell, if I even took a vacation in somewhere like Canada, Australia, or Britain, I’d damn well go ready to speak Canadian, Australian, or British. I think Rosetta Stone has those modules.

    On a serious note (and I know there are folks who won’t get what I just wrote), make sure you lay the proximate cause of this bullshit at the feet of those who caused it: Democrats. It’s an easy way to attract a constant voter base: lure the parents who have an anchor baby, suck the Dole Teat and raise the kid, who then can vote and votes Dem since “they ‘understand’ the same way your ex does…

    Someone bring me the head-shot pistol…

  6. Why does it bother me? says:

    I agree that people who don’t speak the language of the country they live in should learn it, especially if they want to put down roots.
    In the UK the benefits system is immense, like free house, food, electricity, gas (heating not fuel) and water, on top of the free healthcare and school, and then they get more money on top of that.
    We get people from ALL over coming and rinsing the NHS, literally healthcare tourists, popping over, punching out a few kids, getting their bones fixed, having an operation or four on our tab then pissing off again. It is a massive drain. I am all for helping people, especially if they want to try and improve themselves, but people who simply set up home under the impression they are ENTITLED to benefits they have never paid for really piss me off. If they want to work, then bring it on, they pay taxes, they contribute, then in my opinion they are good to go!
    Here in Gibraltar it is REALLY different. I can’t get the healthcare etc because I am not a recognised resident. I can only become a resident when I get my ID card. I can only get my ID card by being married to a recognised resident or by holding down a job. Therefore being supported or supporting myself and paying into the system, if you are in a long term unmarried relationship and can prove it, this is also acceptable. Some people complain, but I think it is fair. You shouldn’t get what you don’t pay for.

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